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The first of the new MEDIA MODELLING shows from HaMeX Events - that explores 'the media' in all its forms - was held on 6th May 2018

However it is important to note that this wasn't 'just' film and television, and certainly wasn't 'just' science fiction and fantasy - though of course none of that was excluded!

We wanted a much wider range of modelling subjects - as the logo says - not only Film and TV, but Books, Comics, the Theatre, Video Games, stories in the News, and expanding media and publishing even wider - even images that have appeared on Record Covers

Award presentation Cris Simmonds

WINNER of the first MEDIA MODELLING 'Oscar (the Grouch...)' was Cris Simmonds for his whole display of media-related models. Presented by Show organisers, Mat Irvine and Paul Fitzmaurice (top left) Cris with his award and display, (top right)
Left: Oscar sits on top of one of Cris' models Hell Boy (um, not The Lord of Darkness, from Legend...) Below one of his other displays - the wonderful caricature of Marty Feldman as Igor in Mel Brooke's Young Frankenstein - "Hump, what hump...??"

Marty Feldman



General view of the Hall, Co-organiser Mat Irvine set up a display of his models that hopefully illustrated the wide range of 'Media Modelling' subjects.

Below : John Gozzard and Stuart Carrier displaying as 'Film Fangs' -
with a wide range of media models.

Left : Stuart talks to some of the visitors, right a close-up of the multifaceted display! Right : John (seated) talks with TV director, Nigel Sizer

Mat - display
Film Fangs - stu

Film Fangs - display

Film Fangs - John

Cris Simmonds

Left : winner of the first Media Modelling 'Oscar', Cris Simmonds, (centre) talks with Brian Porter of the New City Scale Modelling Club

Right : regular trader at smallspace, Clive Anderhoven, of Antares Concepts, (left), talks with Tony James of Timeless Hobbies

Timeless Hobbies
Wisbech IPMS SMC

Left : John Mayfield from the Wisbech IPMS Scale Model Club. Right : one of the displays, the Polar Light Beatles as from Yellow Submarine

Below left : Chris Mitchell,

Below right : Nick Allen and, below, one of his many 'Wallace & Gromit and Shawn the Sheep' creations

Yellow Submarine
Chrsi Mitchell

Shawn the Sheep

Nick Allen
Martyn Laurence


Left: newcomer to the HaMeX, Martyn Laurence with film posters - he will almost certainly be at smallspace 7, 1st July.

Right : Rikki Wolfe of 'Lost Projects', (seated) and below, some of his displays

Rikki Wolfe
Lost projects


Quatermass & the Pit

Left : New City Scale Model Club

Right : John Gozzard of Film Fangs, photos some of Mat's display, while Georgy Liddle, (far right), talks with Gary Holland and Steve Fletcher

GV inc George
Ian Peacock Ian Peacock Ian Peacock
Phil Mills

Above : Ian Peacock (waving!) with (above left and right), two of his displays

Left and right : Phil Mills (seated) with his factual rocket display, mainly showing news-worth Elon Musk's SpaceX designs. He is talking with Stu Carrier of 'Film Fangs'

Phil Mills
ExeWing etc

Left : Andy Spencer, Gary Holland, Phil Stephens and Janet-Elizabeth Black,

Right : Janet and Phil with their displays of Cybermen and Daleks

Janet & Phil
Mat display Mat Display Mat Irvine
Mat display

Above: co-organiser Mat Irvine with his specially set-up display

Below right : co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice on his Modelling Tools stand

Paul Fitzmaurice



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