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The second outing for the new MEDIA MODELLING shows from HaMeX Events - that explores 'the media' in all its forms - was held on 5th May 2019
Unfortunately not the best attended of shows - the weather was 'changeable', and maybe it was the Bank Holiday? - but still we trust everyone there enjoyed themselves.

WINNER of the second MEDIA MODELLING 'OSCAR' (the Grouch...)' was Paul Bradbury, seen here, below, with wife, Carole, for his whole display of media-related modelling display


Med Mod Oscar


Paul & Carol Bradbury

My Mother The Car

Star Wars Land Speeder

Injection Moulding

Top - judge's favourite - AMT's 'Porter' from My Mother the Car - the model is far, far better than the TV series.

Centre - an actually hovering Star Wars Landspeeder - click image for video!

Bottom - a bit of self-referral! Wave's kit of an injection moulding machine - as made by an injection moulding machine...

Richard Bailey - display

The special display, set up in the memory of Richard Bailey, 1960 - 2019

See the main Media Modelling page for more on the up-and-coming auction, to be held at smallspace 8 on 7th July 2019


General view

General views on the day


General View
Gilblet Creations

James and Tammi Gilbert from Giblet Creations

Right - the 3D printer, in the foreground, goes by the name Gordon

James Gilbert

James and Tammi Gllbet

Left - James and Tammi, with some of Giblet Creations' new 'mini' kits.

Right - the new 3D printer - this one is named Tracy!

('Gordon' & 'Tracy' - do the math...)

Tracy the 3D printer
Cris Simmons

Left - Last year's Oscar winner - Cris Simmons, (Simmons Junior in the corner!)

Right - one of his dioramas featuring the Star Wars Pod Racer

Star Ward Pod Racer
Chris Mitchell

Left - one of The Usual Suspects, Chris Mitchell

Right - and another, Warren Monks from Tirydium Models

Warren Monks
NCSMC-Dads Army

Two neat examples of 'media modelling' from the New City Scale Model Club

Left - the church as the setting for the infamous Dad's Army episode that includes the line - "Don't tell him Pike..."

Right - a recreation of the Hercules from Air America

NCSMC - Air America
Vince Brown & Tony James

Left - more Usual Suspects - Vince Brown of modelsforsale and Tony James of Timeless Hobbies

Right - Tony again!

Tony James
LinS - Jupiter II

Left and Right -
Steve Roberts with his build of the Moebius Models 1:72 scale Jupiter II from Lost in Space - fitted out with his own custom sound and light effects

Click either pic for video!

Steve Roberst
Tony Hill - Custom FX

Left - Tony Hill from Custom FX returns to our shows after a short absence.

Right - Tony chats with Rikki Wolfe from Lost Projects...

Rikki Wolfe & Tony Hill
Lost Projects

... and two of the Lost Projects

Lost Projects
John Gozzard & Sty Carrier

Left - They first attended a HaMex Event last year, now they are fixtures!

John Gozzard and Stuart Carrier with FILM FANGS -

Right - just a small selection of the display

Film Fangs
Paul Fitzmaurice

Left - half of your organisers - Paul Fitzmaurice - and Modelling Tools.

Right - and wife Jackie also helping out

Modelling Tools
Batman dispaly

The other half, Mat Irvine's display of 'Media Models', including , left, the popular Batman Gotham City diorama - with Batmobiles - and right smaller vignettes, including 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Bridge, Thelma and Louise and The Archers!

Star Car display



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