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The third outing for the new MEDIA MODELLING shows from HaMeX Events - that explores 'the media' in all its forms - was held on 22nd May 2022
Unfortunately there wasn't that many visitors. The warm weather many not have helped, maybe everyone went on a picnic? But all that did attend enjoyed themselves.

top : WINNER of the third MEDIA MODELLING 'OSCAR' (the Grouch...) was John Gozzard who runs Film Fangs, with Stuart Carrier.

He won with his 'Monsters Clock', that the Organisers (who also happened to be the Judges) thought this was the most intriguing model on display, so awarded the prize.



centre : co-organiser, Paul Fitzmaurice (right) presents the trophy to John, with Stuart on the left.



bottom : John constructed this 'Monster's Clock' from a resin kit and added the clock mechanism.










Stu, John & Paul

Oscar and clock

Ian Chrichton

left : special guest was Ian Chrichton, winner of a previous smallspace award.

Ian specialises in 'Steam Punk' theme models and props

right : such as craft named after well-known Victorian names, here the 'H.G.Wells'


The HGWells
The Gladstone

left : the 'Gladstone'


right : 'HMA Leviathan' (His Majesty's Ariel Battleship)

...and what is Steampunk?
Click here for


Clive, Phil & Steve

left : space specialist Phil Mills (centre) talks with Clive Davis (left) and crew member Steve Fletcher (right)

right : one of Phil's scratchbuilds - Salyut 7

Salyut 7

More of Phil's space models

left : potential 'secret' aircraft, left, Testors 'SR-75' and, right, Phil's own version of the Project Blackstar.

right : Salyut 5 & Almaz 3

Salyut 5
John & Cris

left : John Gozzard (standing) and Cris Simmonds find something amusing?

right : Cris's display

Cris - display
Cris - display

left : close up of Cris's Simmonds take on Charlie Brown, with 'Alien undertones...'

right : and his version of Zulu - "Stop Throwing Them Bloody Spears At Me..."

Cris display
Mike Reveler

left : Mike Reveler (left)

right : Chris Rogerson
(left) and helper, Ian

Chris Robertson
John White

left : John White

right : Colin Levy and
Chris Mitchell

Colin & Chris
Tony Lee

left : newcomer to the sellers list, Tony Lee

right : Paul Fitzmaurice,
and Cris Simmonds,
appear to have dropped something?

Paul and Cris
Tony & Paul

left : Timeless Hobbies' Tony James (centre) with regular visitor, Paul Martin (right)

right : Timeless' assistant, Paul Groom, looking up something on Google

Tony & Paul

left : Co-organiser Paul, (right) talks with Tony Lee

right : visitors to co-organiser, Mat's stand

below : Some of Mat's displays of Star Cars, including (left) the prototype acetates of the potential Aurora set of cars from Wacky Races

Mat's stand

These were left to him by his friend Andy Yanchus, who was a Project Manager with Aurora, but who sadly died in September, 2021

right : others including the 1965 Continental (centre) from 'Entourage' and the 'Villa Riviera' (centre right) from the movie 'For Those Who Think Young'



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