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HaMeX EVENTS – COVID 19 - and general

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HaMeX Events – The Model Market 8

We were about to announce that for a whole host of reasons we have reluctantly decided to postpone the idea of attempting to run The Model Market 8 this year - but ironically events have overtaken us
TMM8 would almost certainly have been moved to the December dates (5th & 6th), which - currently - is outside the new lock-down dates, but because of the new restrictions would anyway have made even these dates tricky.
Consequently we have treated this as an 'academic exercise' - and will be looking at what can be done in 2021, with the hope we can run a show possibly in late January or early February.

But it is almost certain that regulations will still be in place, and the COVID Secure regulations will have to be followed.

Consequently visitors would likely have to book in advance for an hour’s slot, which would run ‘on the hour’ each day. There will be a maximum of 10 visitors, (besides dealers and staff already there), allowed in the Hall at any one time period.

Mask must be worn (bring you own, or if you forget, ones will be on sale). The supplied hand sanitiser has to be used in the entry lobby before entry to the Hall. Your temperature will be taken, with a forehead thermometer, before entry is allowed. Anyone above the norm will not be allowed entry.

There is a strict ‘one way’ route around the Hall – and only the Main Hall will be in use. Entry is the main door, exit via the one by the kitchen. Both doors will be monitored.

Only teas, coffees and cold drinks will be on sale from The K-9 Café

We will still be looking at the possibility of setting up catering outside.

We will still be looking at the possibility of allowing some ‘car boot’ sellers in one of the car parks.

We accept many use the HaMeX Events to ‘socialise’, which we don’t want to stop - BUT we will have to enforce the social distancing – and that applies equally outside in the cars parks, as to inside the Hall itself.

Comments to the Facebook page...

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or email info@hamex.co.uk

Paul Fitzmaurice – HaMeX Events
Mat Irvine – HaMeX Events & Trustee of Hanslope Village Hall
Jenni Allis – Trustee and Executive Committee of Hanslope Village Hall


To repeat the new 'overview' of all HaMeX EVENTS
- which is independent of any COVID 19 concerns

We have come to the conclusion that there was possibly one show too many in the HaMeX Events calendar - especially as The Model Market, just after New Year, and early Spring ones, (currently Media Modelling), were fairly close, and the Spring one not that far from smallspace in the Summer?

Consequently we have decided - for the time being - to reduce the Events from four to three. In effect what we will do is to ‘combine’ ‘The Model Market’ and ‘Media Modelling events into one show, probably pitched somewhere in between the current dates. This will use the ‘Media Modelling’ name.

smallspace remains 'as is', usually held the first Sunday in July.

The pre-Christmas show will remain around that time – but will become The Model Market, (and as an aside, retain its numbering, ie the next – whenever this is - would be TMM8). 

HaMeX as a separate show will cease – BUT of course remains the overall title of the events. So what it will end up as is HaMeX EVENTS puts on three model shows over the year – The Model Market, MEDIA MODELLING and smallspace.

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We had introduced a new Application Form for all HaMeX EVENTS
This covers the 'HaMeX year' - that runs from (now) The Model Market at the end of the year to smallspace the following July. BUT the form has now to be updated, so the link is currently disabled

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