The new model show from the HaMeX organisers

The first smallspace was held on Star Date 01:07:2012

... and it seemed to go down very well... with everyone

Very many thanks to all exhibitors, dealers and visitors, and to our special guests, John Leeson, Mike Tucker - and Marvin

We were very fortunate the day remained largely dry and sunny - it could have been a lot worse!

Scenes from the inside - and outside
inside1 inside2 inside3
outside1 outside2 outside3

As has been said, very many thanks to all who took part, but special thanks to Steve Fletcher (left) and Andy Spencer for organising the 'outside' displays

(Sorry guys, these are the best pix I had of you - obviously you were moving about a lot!)


A special smallspace award for 'Best in Solar System' was presented to the ASA display

John Leeson presents the award to James Winch of the ASA - "All Sections Alpha" the forum for all fans of Space 1999

Right : the award, by the Alien Derelict ship.

Below : more of the excellent display.

Award2 Award3
Award1 Award4
And there's more.....    
Mike and Andy

Mike Tucker with two other well-known FX modellers who came along to smallspace

left : with Andy Hopkinson examining a ship Andy bought along from Blake's 7

right : talking with Chris Trice


Mike & Chris

Duncan Willis

left & right : Duncan Willis with his popular display of recreated Anderson puppets

Anderson Puppets
Dean Eyre


left : Dean Eyre with his SF and fantasy creations

right : some of Dean's creations in close up - centre - is a soon-to-be- finished submarine from Warlords of Atlantis




John - signing

left :John Leeson signing...

right : ...and talking with Steve and Ashley Fletcher (centre and centre right)


John & Fletchers

Terru Regan

left : David Warrington and Terry Regan (seated) with their factual space models Terry's display of highly detailed space probe models is in front of him

right :Harrison Hinton (left) with dad, Chris, and his Spitting Image puppets: Geoffrey Howe; Mikhail Gorbachev and John Patten

Spitting Image

Davis J

left : The third original HaMeX organiser, David Jefferis returned for smallspace

right : Steve Rogers with his range of special effects props

Steve Rogers

left : The Sci-Fi SIG

right : Dave Francis of the Milton Keynes Scale Model Club



left : the Small Hall was equally well visited throughout the day. Retrokit on the left, Face Off on the right and Comet Miniatures at the far end

right : and the range of products from Comet Miniatures made decisions to purchase difficult for at least one young buyer



Orac 1

left : The display for props and models from such as Blake's 7 and Red Dwarf, set up by Mike Tucker and Mat Irvine, went down very well with the visitors.

right : And Orac was visited by his smaller self, courtesy of Andy Hopkinson

Orac 2

Davis S - Eagle


Part of David Sisson's display including...

left : a screen-used Eagle.

right : his own build of FAB-1

David S-FAB1
Sci-Fi Modellers

left : Simon Rhodes (left) watches while David Sisson (centre) photos his Star Bug against the largest filming one

right : The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modelling Club


left : the space and SF display from Britmodeller

right : one side of the Hall - Dean Eyre's display is in the foreground, then Terry Regan and Milton Keynes SMC in the background

Large Hall - general
Paul & Jackie

The Organisers

left : Paul Fitzmaurice has either experimented with face-painting from Face Off, (or bumped into a tree), much to the amusement of wife Jackie.

right : Mat Irvine, centre, with Mike Tucker, the Tardis and an astronaut (yes possibly River Song...)

Mike & Mat