smallspace 2 was held on

Star Date 07:07:2013

in brilliant weather!



Very many thanks to everyone who took part in the second smallspace show - exhibitors, traders and, of course, our many visitors.

Plus the Village Hall Committee for their support

Thanks also to our special guests, Jamie Anderson (left) and Mike Tucker (right)

Jamie Anderson

Best in Solar System

above: Jamie and Mike present the smallspace 2 'Best in Solar System' Award to Dean Eyre

Mike Tucker

some photos are links to relevant websites



Daleks once again took over the tranquil village of Hanslope - home to smallspace.

Special thanks to Steve Fletcher, Phil Stevens and Paul Hardy-Brown for co-ordinating the beasts!

And also to Phil for the Cybermen


The steeple of St James the Great, tallest for miles around, can be seen in the background.

And of course it forms the HaMeX logo!


Meanwhile Brian Coombes (appropriately dressed as the Fourth Doctor) decided to 'take The Dog for a walk...'

Check out the video on the right



... while the Daleks took a break

Left: traditional ones, from Steve Fletcher and Paul Hardy-Brown

Right: a colourful new one, from Phil Stevens


The guys for ASA - All Sections Alpha - set up a reproduction of the interior of Moon Base Alpha as from Space 1999.


Top left: Paul Stankevitch and Chris Potter 'on set'.

Top right: Plus there was a display of many expertly created models.

Lower left: Darrell Simmonds, Simon Rhodes and Rob Carson.

Lower right: They also celebrated at a Barbeque at Mat's house the night before - with Mike Tucker (far left).


Left: Michelle Edwards; Tony Groves and Paul Jennings of Britmodeller

Right: David Sisson, with some of his expertly created models of Anderson craft

David Sisson
Spittin Image


Left: Spittin' Image in the form of Harrison Hinton (right), his dad, Chris, oh and, er, the puppets!

Right : Close up of, this time, just the puppets.


David Limburg

Left: David Limburg of Sante Claus, as (sort of) the Eleventh Doctor, with a Japanese Thunderbirds toy.

Right: Tony James of Comet Miniatures looks on bemused at David - as he's changed his costume!

David and Tony
Dean Eyre

Left: Dean Eyre - and just some of the models he has built over the years. Dean was a regular winner at the Model Engineer and Modelling Exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s.

Right: Steve Fisher of FabArt. They took the entrance foyer of the Hall as we had run out of space - but it was the coolest part of the building!

Grandma Tracy
Duncan Willis
Chris 'Parker' Evens
Above: Duncan Willis with his recreations of many of the puppet characters from Gerry Anderson series. One of the latest is Grandma Tracy (above left), while (above right) Parker looks a bit different as he is actually based on TV personality Chris Evans. This was done as he has a Rolls Royce with the number plate FAB 1, used to raise money for charities
Face Off

Left: Betty Jadoul of Face Off Painters first paints her own face...

Right: Then sets to work on one of the young visitors.


Face Off
Jamie and Steve

Left: special guest Jamie Anderson talks with Steve Fletcher, one of the Dalek co-ordinators

Right: and with Jerry Stone, space educator and BIS Fellow.

Jamie and Jerry
Mamas Pitsillis

Left: Mamas Pitsillis of Studio2Models, with his giant Skydiver model and (right) his SHADOmobile, both from UFO.

Below left: Mooncrest Models' Gary Hilliard

Below centre: Sam Denham, author of the Haynes book on Thunderbirds

Below right: Dominique Jadoul of RetrokiT

What If? SIG
Tirydium Models

Above left: Anthony Hughes and Kathy Dowler of the Sci-Fi SIG

Above centre: Pete Goosey of SFM-UK

Above right: Martin Higgs and Mike McAvoy of the "What If?" SIG

Left: Warren Monks of Tirydium Models, with his daughter, Sophie...

Right: ... and as a Stormtrooper (just about the correct height...)

Tirydium Models
General view - with Davros

Left: A general view of the Main Hall, from the entrance. Note that Davros is keeping a beady eye (well he only has one...) on who comes in!

Right: a young Blake's 7 enthusiast is delighted to try out a genuine Liberator gun!

en guard!
FX Display
FX Display

Above and below: Some of the FX models and props display set up by special guest Mike Tucker and co-organiser Mat Irvine

Top left: The Liberator from Blake's 7 and the Moon Buggy from the short-lived Moonbase 3.

Top centre: The orange medical kit from Doctor Who : The Ark In Space and the Shuttle from Doctor Who : the Invisible Enemy. The London and Atlay Shuttle (Blake's 7) are just behind.

Top right: The Star Drive (lower left) from Blake's 7, (courtesy of Phil Stevens). In the middle, Boris the Spider! Centre back, on the stand, the 'Face' from Doctor Who : The Face of Evil

Below: two of the tripod models from The Tripods. This is the first time these have been together for over two decades!
(The red Tripod, courtesy of Andy Hopkinson)


Your webmaster attempted to ensure everything and everybody was well photo-documented for smallspace 2. Unfortunately he managed to leave out his co-organiser, Paul Fitzmaurice's stand...

This is about as good as it got...


click photo for website


The organisers and guests relax in the Moon Base Alpha set!

click photos of Paul (left) or Mat (right) for their own websites

Paul F
Organisers and Guests
Mat I



And finally....

As an intriguing aside, smallspace 2 saw the reunion of several of the guys from the BBC Visual Effects Department, including (left - right) Andy Hopkinson; Mat Irvine, Mike Tucker, Alan 'Rocky' Marshall, Alan Brannan and Nick Sainton Clark. A seventh, Paul Martin, was also there, but unfortunately missed out on the photo-shoot.

Use the photo to link to details on Mat & Mike's book 'BBC VFX'


Though possibly the most bizarre happening over the day was when Avon (from Blake's 7) met The Doctor, (from - well you can probably work that one out for yourself).

This was actually in the form of Richard Ashton as the Tenth Doctor and Andy Hopkinson as Avon. Avon's costume, the Liberator gun and teleport bracelet are genuine originals. (Not sure about Andy...)

Avon & The Doctor

Avon & The Doctor

"What's this then -
a gun!!!!

Avon & The Doctor

"And how's the Sonic Screwdriver for you?"