smallspace 3


A grand time was had by all at smallspace 3, (even Marvin...)

The Sun came out some of the time,
and K-9 took note of the new WAY IN

Many thanks to all who came along as exhibitors, dealers, guests and of course all our visitors

Thanks also to the Hall Committee for running the entry table and of course the K-9 Café

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Winner of the 2014 Best in Solar System Award - David Sisson for his amazing Anderson re-creations.

Here special guest Dirk Maggs presents David with the Award

Award Award Award


DIRK MAGGS and Marvin
(oh, and a Vogon...)

Chris Marsh

CHRIS MARSH and his U.N.I.T. Land Rover

left - David Sisson, with just some of his large collection of models he's build of Gerry Anderson craft and vehicles.

right - Dirk Maggs talks with fellow ex-BBC staffer Paul Holroyd, (and creator of the Blake's 7 Technical Manual) left, and wife Cathy.


left - entry was brisk, with Hall Committe members Sheila and Tony Mobley running the ticket kiosk!

right- and we had an immediate winner, with Matthew winning a Topps' Doctor Who Trading Card Starter Set with the first ticket drawn!

left - outside the U.N.I.T Land Rover stood guard by the TARDIS

The TARDIS came courtesy of The Doctor, via The ExeWing Fundraisers

right - meanwhile the Daleks started their rampage, but got distracted

top left - Jerry Stone started his Rocket Factory, with a group of enthusiastic engineers.

top centre and right - getting ready for launch.

left - and it works! - the rocket can just be seen descending between the windows, by the sign.

far left - Jerry does a lot of talks for schools and currently is dealing with the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 - here he points out the landing site on a Lunar globe!

left - A Dalek poses by the show's sign, then, with a colleague, (right) confronts a small visitor. The small visitor wins.

below left and centre - more scenes from outside,

below right - the ExeWing display with Jonathan Willis and Karyn & Andy Spencer.


left - Richard Bailey show off his small scale Blake's 7 Chase Craft model compared with an original, courtesy of Mat

right - Phil Stephens poses with Davros (or possibly vice-versa...)

below left - Mamas Pitsillis of Studio2Models (left - centre) talks with Steve Fletcher, (right), one of the Dalek coordinators, (and they definitely need coordinating...)

below centre- Mamas' giant Skydiver model - it works too!

below right - Mooncrest Models - Gary Hilliard is hiding behind the stand

Top left and right Vaughan Herriott and his wonderful display of re-created Anderson puppets. above - and it's not all Anderson characters - here's Doctor Two

left - Vaughan's daughter Laura (right) talks with Mat's daughter Amy, who is showing her some photos of her time working on the movie 'Gravity'

right - and they, and K-9, are in this general view of the Main Hall.

above center - the ASA - Paul Stankevitch, Nigel Hough, Chris Trice, Tony Freeman and Chris Potter. Also there were Mark Shaw, Doug and Carl Stirling-Stewart
above - left & right - examples of their work

left - Simon Friend of SF Laser Services - and his Blake Federation gun!

right - Chris Harding and his books - love the Wombles tablecloth...

left - ASA's Simon Rhodes - centre - talks with TV producer Paul Vanezis, (centre right) who is also a member of the Doctor Who restoration team and a past producer of The Sky at Night.

right ExEWing's Andy Spencer and cat pose with K-9 for a photo by wife Karyn.

top left - Dominique Jadoul of RetroKit, above Chris and Harrison Hinton hide amongst their Spittin' Image puppets, top right the smiling members of the SciFi SIG.

left - Zahara and Clive Aldenhoven of 23rd Century Designs and an amazing array of futuristic buildings and craft.

right - Britmodeller

top left - Tony James - Timeless Hobbies (aka Comet Miniatures!) above - a concentrating Martin Higgs of the What If SIG, top right Tirydium Models, though without any sign of Warren Monks or his daughter Sophie???

left - last year's Best in Solar System Award winner, Dean Eyre,

right - Gavin Hocknull and the OSI stand

And K-9 goes on a wander....    
You and who's army...? Down boy Hmm, must be getting old, the The Doctor is getting younger all the time
And your organisers...
Mat with some of the TV props and models - the Liberator is on the left Paul shows Richard Bailey some wares on his stand "What do you think of it so far...?"


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