smallspace 4 was held on Star Date 12:07:2015

...the fact the Whomobile was there even made THE TIMES

Times article

The report in pictures is below


Way In! Model Show sign

Aerial view

...and from the air - taken by Chris Potter's drone


Whomobile Whomobile Whomobile
Whomobile unveiling
The Whomobile arrives - first time out for 20 years! And while it was at smallspace 4, good use was made of it
It was filmed for a future documentary (top) and you could win a raffle for the chance to sit in the Whomobile - as several did (below )
Whomobile - winner
Whomobile - winner Paul Mat, Paul
The Doctors
There were no shortage of Doctors to make sure 'their' Whomobile was being correctly looked after!
More Doctors
Yet more Doctors even more Doctors Doctors
Best in SS Best in SS - Award Steampunk

smallspace awards the Best in the Solar System trophy (above) for the best display or individual model.

Guest Paul Buckland (upper left, left) presents this year's award to Ian Crichton (upper left, right) for his amazing display of steampunk models and props, (left and right)


Meanwhile Davros and the Daleks go on their usual rampage.

Left: Steve Fletcher tries to control Davros. Right: while Daleks came courtesy of Jonathan Willis, Mike & James Burgess, Raymond Hyde and Chris Osborne


Below: Guest Mike Tucker talks with a visitor. Along with organiser, and Effects Colleague Mat Irvine, he set up a display of models and storyboards celebrating the lift and times of their late colleague Ian Scoones. These concentrated on the Doctor Who stories, The Invisible Enemy and The City of Death

Mike Tucker



Centre: the Jaggoroth spaceship from The City of Death, first time this has been seen in public for many years. Above this is the framed storyboard of the miniature filming

Above: more storyboards, and the shuttles from The Invisible Enemy. The 'head' is Sutek from The Pyramids of Mars, another Ian designed.

UNIT Antares UK Astronomy
ASA - Eagle

Above left: UNIT soldier stand guard by Chris Hughes UNIT Land Rover.
Above: The amazing wood creations of Antares Concepts.
Above right: Ross Hockham of UK Astronomy explains the wonders of the heavens to a young visitor

Left: ASA - All Sections Alpha - with some of their creations. Right: and ASA members also bought along some of the original puppets from Gerry Anderson series. Spot Joe 90!

ASA- puppets
Chris Harding Face Off Freightdog
David Sisson

Above left: Chris Harding

Above centre: Betty Jadoul of Face Off

Above right: Colin Strachan of Freightdog               

Left and right: last year's Best in Solar System winner, David Sisson, (left, left), with some of his creations. With him (left, right) is Simon Rhodes - with a cup of tea!

Marquee - interior Evan Main Hall - interior

Above: general views from inside the specially erected marquee (top left), and the Main Hall (top right).

Meanwhile Evan - above - takes it all in.

Left & right: the ExeWing displays of props, models and costumes, set up by Andy Spencer (right, left), Karyn Spencer, Jonathan Willis, Phil Stephens, Andy Hopkinson, Gary Holland and Dan O'Keeffe

Jerry Stone - rockets Jerry Stone

Above: Space educator Jerry Stone who runs Spaceflight UK, also sets up rocket building sessions for kids of all ages. Left & right: the young rocket scientists try out their handiwork

Left: Gary and Helen Hilliard of Mooncrest Models

Right: newcomer to the show, Pete Hutton, with a giant Spindrift model (from Land of the the Giants) that he's built


Pete Hutton
Replica Props Board RetrokiT Roy Palmer
Sam denham

Above left: Steve Rogers of the Replica Prop Board talks with Ian Crichton. Above centre: Dominique Jadoul of RetrokiT
Above right: Roy Palmer's display

Left: Sam Denham (left, left) author of these Haynes Manuals

Right: Harrison Hinton (right, left), with dad Chris , and some of his collection of Spittin' Image puppet heads.  

SciFiSIG Timeless hobbies What If SIG
Sante Claus

Above left: The SciFi SIG (Special Interest Group),

Above Tony James of Timeless Hobbies, perhaps still better known as Comet Miniatures?

Right Martin Higgs of the "What If?" SIG,

Left-right: Some go to great lengths to impress their customers, such as Davy Limburg of Sante Claus.
Tony James (right) seems amused...

James Burgess Pink Cyberman

Left: James Burgess and Helena Enright-King with their costumes.

These include a pink cyberman???

Or should that be cyberlady as we think Helena is inside?

Studio 2 Models Studio 2 Models

Above left: Mamas Pitsillis of Studio 2 Models and his giant Skydiver and (centre) his working SHADOmobile.

Above right: Sophie Monks on the Tirydium Models stand. Her dad, Warren, is in the Stormtrooper costume - we think, unless it's an actual Stormtrooper?

Left: Britmodeller

Right: IPMS Middleton Cheney

wandering Dalek

wet Cyberman

Left : Hello - a Dalek has gone on a wander - they tend to do that...

Above: it poured in the afternoon - cleaned the Whomobile though

Right: either the Tardis is getting smaller or The Doctor (here disguised at Richard Ashton) is getting larger?

small Tardis
Whomobile - loading Whomobile - loading Whomobile - loading

OK how did the Whomobile get to smallspace?

Unfortunately not flying, nor even on the road - it needs its Intergalactic MOT, so it arrived courtesy of Matt and Camel Tow Recovery...

...and, yes, there is a camel (right)

The Camel

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