smallspace 6 heading

Tony Harding & John Leeson

Many thanks to our special guests for the Show

Left : Tony Harding and John Leeson

Right : Mike Tucker, and wife Karen.
(Oh, and hedgehogs...)

Below left : Tony, with Nath Smith of The Cyberlegion
Below : Guests, plus co-organiser Mat Irvine (well he also had a bit to do with K-9...)
Right : Tony with granddaughter, Megan

Karean & Mike Tucker
Tony & Nath Smith Tony, Mike, John, Mat Tony and Megan
Mike Tucker GV Hall 1
GV Hall 2 Guests
GV Hall 1

Left & right :

Waiting for The Doctor.
It would be great to say it was specially organised, but it was pure coincidence that the BBC announced the 13th Doctor during smallspace 6 !

(A TV set was conveniently available)

Waiting for The Doctor
GV Hall 1

Below : Outside were Daleks - of all sorts - K-9s and R2-D2s - all running amok

Below left : Steve Fletcher, crouching, discusses 'his' K-9 with Doug Inman, also crouching, (right) and Mark Enright (standing right) of PodPad Studios,

Below & left : Steve's Davros goes on a walk-about (run-about?)

GV Hall 1
K-9 Car Park Car Park - Daleks Davros
PodPad Dalek & Davros PodPad

Above left : Mark Enright's PodPad Studios' coal-powered Dalek!

Above: Which meets its creator (?) Davros

Abover right: Meanwhile Mark's Borg-inspired K7 of 9 mets Tess who's not sure what is going on?

Left : PodPad Studios' R2 (left) and K7 of 9 (right) with Oliver Steeple's R2-D2 in more conventional form in the centre

Right : The Daleks meet their most feared foe....

Best Dog Best Dog - trophy Iain McDonald
Best Dog- judging

The BEST DOG IN THE UNIVERSE award went to Iain McDonald for his, in the Judges' opinion, authentic representation of an FX Dog!

Above left: Iain, Tony Harding, John Leeson and Mike Tucker
Above right: Iain with his winning creation
The trophy seen - directly above - sitting on the winning Dog!

Left & right : there was a lot of K-9s for the Judges to choose from, including (left) an edible version made by Kathy Dowler of the Sci-Fi SIG

Best Dog- judging
Best Dog - special

Left & right : And a special award was presented to Katie Woollard for her KT9 costume


Below : BEST IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM 2017 award was won by Mamas Pitsillis for his magnificent Skydiver from UFO.
Fully radio controlled
(The Skydiver, not Mamas..)

Best Dog - special
Best in Solar System BinSS - award BinSS -presentation
Cybermen Dan O'Keefe RS Studio
Chris Osborne-R2-SP

Above left : Cybermen 'heads' from Nath Smith's Cyberlegion, Dan O'Keefe and RS Studios

Above : Dan O'Keefe explains some finer points,

Above right : Simon Lee Windus of RS Studios

Left : Chris Osborne's steampunk R2-SP

Right : David Nagel (centre back) and his 4th/5th Doctor era Tardis Console

David Nagel
Andy Spencer Andy & Sylvester Jason John LH
David Sisson

Above : A mash-up -

Above left : Andy Spencer of ExeWing Fundraiser, borrows Muppet Sylvester from Jason John Lythgoe-Hay, right, and performs around David Nagel's Tardis - above

Left : David Sisson (centre) with, left, Simon Rhodes, and just some of David's creations.

Right : Clive Anderhoven and Antares Concepts.

IainMcDonald ExeWing Studio2
Janet-Elizabeth Black

Above right : Iain McDonald, winner of BEST DOG IN THE UNIVERSE, with Curtis Brown

Above : ExeWing Fundraisers - from left Gary Holland, Andy and Karyn Spencer

Above right : Studio 2 - Mamas Pitsillis, winner of Best in Show, and Linda Ianson

Left : Janet-Elizabeth Black and her life-size heads!

Right : James Burgess (centre) with his dad, Mike, and Helena Enright-King

James Burgess
Modelling Tools JasonJLH MiddletonCheneySMC

Above left : co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice and his Modelling Tools stand, chats with Anthony Hughes of the Sci-Fi SIG

Above :Jason John Lythgoe-Hay and his Whovian Muppets - here Sylvester talks with Karyn Spencer and Gary Holland!

Above right : IPMS Middleton Cheney, Martin Aris and Sam Evins

Left : Oliver Steeples and his R2-D2

Right : New City Scale Model Club, Brian Porter and Cris Simmonds

PodPad Mooncrest Richard Ashton
Stephen Billings

Above left : Mark Enright of PodPad Studios, doing a touch of maintenance on his Borg-inspired 'K7 of 9'

Above : Gary and Helen (right) Hilliard of Mooncrest Models

Above right: Richard Ashton (back) with Tony Freeman and the 'new' K-9

Left : Stephen Billings bought the Mechagodzilla along, which - sorta - became the Show's mascot!

Right : The Sci-Fi SIG

Tirydium SanteClaus Timeless Hobbies

Above left : Warren Monks, with daughter Sophie, and his Tirydium Models

Above : Davy Limburg of Sante Claus, in one of his usual costumes

Above right : Jason Joiner, of Showmasters, (left) haggles with Tony James of Timeless Hobbies as to the price of an Enterprise kit! (Wonder who won?)

Left : Martin Higgs and the 'What If?' SIG

Right : West Middlesex Scale Models Club, with Pete Hutton (standing) and Chris King

The Vogons


Left : The Vogon Scale Model Club appeared (but no Vogon - so, thankfully, no poetry...)

Right : Also appeared were the Men in Black - though we think they were disguised as Brian Coombes and Simon Raggo....