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We can now announce our special guests
The designer
of K-9
The voice
of K-9
The designer of the 'rusty' K-9
Tony Harding
John Leeson
Mike Tucker


First time at smallspace, meet Tony who did the actual original design
A return for John who was our special guest for the very first smallspace
Past regular at smallspace, Mike designed the 'rusty' K-9 for School Reunion.
(Oh, and the guy in the back of the photo will probably be there as well )
K-9s BOTH screen-used K-9s will be there to celebrate 'their' day

And the Best in the Solar System award this year will be for the best 'other' K-9

Your K-9 can be a copy of the 'reel' K-9, though it doesn't have to be full size. It can be made from any material, such as knitted, made into a bag or purse or even a costume - as illustrated here!

The only restriction is that it is home-made NOT a commercially available object
(Some here are commercially available - they are here only to give you ideas!)

The more innovative, the better!
Judging will be by the guests on the day

Mat & a K-9 in Chicago

knitted K-9
K-9 purse
plush K-0
knitted K-9
K-9 and cousin
Some examples - replica 'reel's K-9s, knitted K-9s - and below costume K-9s!
K-9 at Wonderfest
K-9 Costume - US



click relevant logo for website/facebook page


First time at smallspace, Mark Enright's PodPad Studios Collection.
Many are 'steampunk' inspired, and there will be a selection on show.

see his website for more!


left - K7 of 9
right - Dalek Caan

Dalek Caan
Steve Howarth

Another first-timer at smallspace

Steve Howarth, who runs Model Miniatures, with a selection of his SF vehicles and craft

ModelMiniatures - logo

Steve Howarth
Tardis Console

New to smallspace

Full-size 'Mk I' Tardis Console -
late 4th early 5th Doctor era -
will be on display

Courtesy of David Nagel

Tardis Console and guests

It's not all K-9s this year


We also have 'R2-SP' - a 'steam punk' version of R2-D2 ( left )

courtesy of

Chris Osborne




a more traditional R2-D2 (right)

courtesy of

Oliver Steeples

Nath Smith

Also new this year, Nath Smith of the 15th Cyber Legion with his display of Cyberman and other masks

15th Cyber Legion

David Sisson models

Regular David Sisson, and winner of the Best in the Solar System Award, smallspace 3 (2014), will be displaying some of his amazing array of Anderson-themed models - assisted by Simon Rhodes

David Sisson-logo

Davis Sisson & Simon Rhodes
Dean Eyre - BinSS Winner of Best in the Solar System Award for smallspace 2 (2013),
Dean Eyre returns with a selection of models and props
Andy Spencer

Regulars Andy and Karyn Spencer of The ExeWing Fundraisers, will be co-ordinating various displays of costumes and props.


Karyn Spencer
James Burgess

James Burgess, sculpting and Cybermen - and Cyberladies!

And even Daleks...

Ian Chricton Winner of Best in the Solar System award smallspace 4 (2015), Ian Crichton returns with his Steam Punk display Ian Chricton- steampunk
Jerry Stone

Space educator, Jerry Stone, of Spaceflight UK, will be making and launching rockets again

Made very significant as the date of the Show is the 48th Anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 Mission

Spaceflight UK

Jerry Stone - rocket
Mams Pitsillis

Mamas Pitsillis of Studio 2 Models will be demonstrating his large-scale radio-controlled models

Studio 2 - logo

Mamas Pitsillis - models
Mish Edwards

Michelle Edwards oversees a new Model Group - The Vogons.

(Be appreciative, otherwise they might read you some of their poetry...)


Mish Edwards - models
Janet-Elizabth Black Janet-Elizabeth Black with an intriguing selection of heads! Heads
Pete Hutton

Pete Hutton returns, but this time joined by other members of the club he recently joined, the West Middlesex Scale Model Club


Pete Hutton
IainMcDonald Iain McDonald returns with his voice changing devices, the RC Reliant Regal Supervan (as driven by a certain resident of Peckham...) and (somewhere?) a Dalek! IainMcDonald
Richard Ashton Richard Ashton (otherwise known as 'The Tenth Doctor'), will be displaying large scale craft Ricahrd Ashton - models
SCIFI&Fantasy groun

The 'Sci-Fi and Fantasy' SIG (Special Interests Group) will be there as usual...

SciFi&Fantasy SIG

SF&F- Minions
What If - display will the 'What If?' SIG

What If - logo

Martin Higgs - WhatIf SIG
Chris Harding Chris Harding with his wide-range of media-based books
- and Womble tablecloth
Chris Harding
Davy Limburg - Sante Claus

Sante Claus with CEO David Limburg trying out various disguises...

Sante Claus - logo

Davy Limburg - Sante Claus
Antares Concepts

Antares Concepts with Clive Aldenhoven and the unique range of wood-based space-themed models

Antares - logo

Clive Anderhoven

Timeless Hobbies (OK Comet Miniatures) will feature the smiling face of Tony James

Timeless - logos

Timeless - layout
Tirydium-Warren Monks

Tirydium Models, with Warren Monks, and daughter, Sophie, supplies lighting kits for a wide variety of models and props


Tyridium - display
Mooncrest - display

Gary Hilliard and Mooncrest Models - resin kits a specialty

Mooncrest - logo

Mooncreast - Gary Hilliard
Paul Fitzmaurice

Plus your organisers

Paul Fitzmaurice

ModellingTools - logo


Paul Fitzmaurice
Mat Irvine

and Mat Irvine - banner

Mat Irvnbe - display
Daleks ...and there will be Daleks Daleks


Dealer tables £20.00 each, in advance

You can pay by cash, cheque or PayPal

for PayPal, pay £20.50* to:
(*includes transaction fee)

For additional booking information, contact Paul Fitzmaurice



£5.00 per adult
which includes 1 free tea or coffee

Accompanied children, 16 and under, free
(Children, 16 and under, are only allowed in with a responsible adult)

We reserve the right to review the price of entry in the future

All these events are put on primarily for the 'fun element', and profits are donated to the Village Hall funds

Village Hall

Click the image for full details of where all the shows are held


for PR or media enquiries contact Mat Irvine