smallspace 9 was scheduled for 2020, and then also for 2021, but both had to be cancelled
It finally ran on 17th July 2022

The theme this year was 'special effects models and miniatures in films and television and to this end we invited four prominent SFX people

The Report
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Left : Three of the guests, (l-r) Lee Stringer, Chrissie Overs and Steve Begg

Right : Steve with the fourth, Chris Trice - and their celebration mugs!


Left : Chris Trice (lt) with Chris Potter.

Right : Chris T set up the background for Chris P's studio-scale Space 1999 Eagle

Lee & Narcissus

Left : Lee Stringer (lt) with a studio scale Narcissus (from Alien) foreground

Right : an unpainted 'Vernian' train from Back to the Future III - on loan from the National Film & Sci-Fi Museum

Jason & Lee

Left : Jason Joiner - creator of the National Film & Sci-Fi Museum; model-maker Phil Stephens and Lee Stringer

Right : Chrissie talks with a visitor


Aerial shots, courtesy of Chris Potter's drone

Chevy The guest Star Car in the form of a re-creation of one of the police cars from the town of Hawkins, IN, in Stranger Things
'Driver' is Evan Hart, who, at 10, maybe a bit young...
Best in SS

Left : This year's Best in Solar System award was won by Gary and Jan Welsh, with their scratchbuilt Star Wars Rebel Dreadnought

Right : Chrissie presents the award

Best in SS
Best in SS

Left : All four guests with the winners

Right : Gary and Jan and the award

Best in SS
Vaughan & Richard

Left : displays by Vaughan Herriot and Richard Ashton

Right : one of Vaughan's creations - an Aurora Mammoth - with real fur!

Vaughan & Richard

Left : Vaughan Herriot and Richard Ashton

Right : Richard - centre - talks with Lee Stringer and Steve Fletcher


Some of Richard Ashton's creations, including Battlestar Galactica Vipers (lt) - old and new

Warren & Brian

Left : Tirydium Models' Warren Monks (rt) talks with Brian Sampson. For many years Brian ran Jones Models in Acton - main model supplier to the BBC VFX Department!

Right : example of one of the many Tirydium lighting kits


Chris Mitchell

Left : regular Chris Mitchell

Right : Chris Rogerson

Chris rogerson
Soviet space stations

Left : part of space expert Phil Mills' display of Soviet space stations

Right : Chris Harding's SF book selection

Chris Harding
Ian Chrichton

Left : Ian Chrichton's 'steam-punk' based models

Right : Martin Higgs and the 'What If' SIG

What If SIG
Andy Spencer

Left : Andy Spencer (rt) part of the team that set up the comprehensive Blake's 7 display

Right : Gary Holland (far right) with more Blake's 7 costumes

Gary Holland
Karyn Shileds

Left : Karyn Shields with more Blake's 7 models and props

Right : regular displays from Cris Simmonds, (rt)

Cris Simmonds

Left : Helen Hilliard of Mooncrest Models

Right : Helen and Gary Glover (lt) talk with Mamas Pitsillis and Linda Ianson (rt)

John & Jason

Left : Jason Joiner (rt) talks with Alan Stephenson

Right : Alan bought along a puppet of Bond as used in the movie, For Your Eyes Only

Tony James

Left : Tony James of Timeless Hobbies in a pose he likes....

Right : FX Designer Alan 'Rocky' Marshall with his creation of a 'phantom' kit, 'The Virus' as from Aurora - appropriately placed with Timeless Hobbies

Alan Marshall
Keith Tomlinson

Left : newcomers to the show, Keith and Adele Tomlinson of Cozmic Scale Models.

Right : Warren Monks (Tirydium) checks out some of Keith's stock!


More Cozmic Scale models -

Left : various Star Trek Shuttles

Right : all the equipment required for a Viper hanger

Cosmic - Viper

Meanwhile K-9 (the real one - left!) meets some cousins...


The K-9 family pose with the Stranger Things Chevy

...and meet an old foe...

K-9s and Dalek
Sci-Fi SIG

Left : The Sci-Fi SIG

Right : John Panter and his Cerebral Toys stand

John Panter

Left : Antares stand, unfortunately sans Clive and Zahara?

Right : Studio 2 Models, Linda's there, but no Mamas?

Studio 2
Andy Rawlinson

Left :
Andrew Rawlinson

Right : Andrew Prentis (right)

Andrew Prentis

Left : there always at least one Dalek lurking

Right - but we were protected by two Godzillas (one missing?) courtesy of Stephen Billings

Way In

Left : Clair managed the cash desk throughout the day

Right : first time use for the new white 'large gazebos' that Village Hall has purchased - these performed extremely well

New gazebos

Left : The slight worry that people wouldn't attend - was soon allayed - as demonstrated by the number of cars parked way down the road.

Right : ...and the K-9 Café did very well

K-9 Cafe
Paul Fitz

Left : Co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice glimpsed through Phil Mills' rockets

Right : Co-organiser Mat Irvine's small display featuring Blake's 7 models

Blakes 7 models