The HaMeX events are co-hosted by Mat Irvine; Paul Fitzmaurice
and - occasionally - David Jefferis

For those new to this 'site, the original Hanslope Model Expo show combined a DISPLAY of props and models from Hanslope village resident Mat Irvine, many used during his time at the BBC Visual Effects Department, along with a select KIT SWAP, organised by Paul Fitzmaurice.

For more details on the HaMeX shows themselves, see page for HaMeX

Since then three more shows have been added...

AUTOMODELLISMO had already run for a few years at a different venue, but co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice adapted it, with great success, to the HaMeX formula.

smallspace was new for 2012 and uses Mat Irvine's original website name as its title.

And new for 2014 is The Model Market, held at the beginning of February, for all those kits, tools and paint you need for your projects in the coming year!



Hanslope Village Hall is not a large venue, so these events will always be select, and the events run so far, have proved very popular.

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Mat is a resident of the village, model-maker, writer, occasional TV presenter and ex-BBC Visual Effects Department. Click matirvine for his own website

[His original smallspace web site is now incorporated in this new one under his own name, though we realise, somewhat confusingly there are still two smallspace sites....]


Paul runs, and now, that specialises in model supplies, paint, tools and accessories for all modelling subjects Paul

David is a writer and publisher on all matters technical, and runs the website.