Model Market

The first of these new shows from the HaMeX organisers -

was held on 2nd February 2014

some images from the day

Brian Porter sells some items from the stand The new banner outside David Limburg tries out a 'Freddie' hand on Comet/Timeless' Tony James
Range of military kits on the Mainly Military Models stand Sales at the Kit's Kits stand The Valiant Wings Publishing stand

Co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice demonstrating an air-brush If you've go the kit - you need the tools Hmm, could be useful, thinks Mike McAvoy
Customers at the Oxonian Plastic Fantastic stand Gary Hilliard of Mooncrest Models (above centre and below left)

A modelling choice on models for sale

The wide range of books from The Aviation and Military Book Centre

Steve Fletcher (above centre), usually at the smallspace show with his Daleks! More books, this time from Guideline Publications

Another happy customer on Vince Brown's models for sale stand Part of the Bedford & District Scale Model Club stand New City Model Club, with a display of "What If?" aircraft

...we didn't see any Concrete Cows, but they were there in spirit...


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