smallspace 5 landed on Star Date 03:07:2016

This year we celebrated one of the most significant SF spacecraft designs ever - the Eagle from Space: 1999. So we were very pleased that our special guest at smallspace 5 was the designer of the Eagle, Oscar-winning special effects guru Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson


Chris Potter flew his drone (far right) to get the central aerial shot

Aerial view

Best in Solar System award this years went to Chris Potter for his Space 1999 Hawk, the original filming miniature designed of course by our special guest, Brian Johnson, who presented Chris with the trophy...

and there was more - a lot more - directly below: views of the exterior displays...

Above: James Winch and the restored UFO SHADO Jeep.
(Louie gets interested, upper right)

Left-right: Martin Thompson and KATT, part of his Diamond Dust road show

Below: the Jurassic Park Jeep, courtesy of Dan Cooper.
(The T-Rex escaped from Mat's barn...)

JP Jeep
Andrew Frampton

Above: general views of the Halls

Left: Andrew Frampton and his puppets

Right: Britmodeller

Below left: Chris Harding

Below centre: Antares Concepts

Below right: Chris Potter

Chris Harding Antares Chris Potter
David Sisson David Sisson

Left: David Sisson's display,

Far left: David (right) talks with Paul Stankevich (left) and Simon Rhodes

Eagle 6

Above left: Vaughan Herriott (left) with Richard Ashton (back) and James Burgess (right)

Above: some of Vaughan's puppets

Above right: Vaughan (seated) and Richard

Left-right; The Eagle 6 set-up with Paul Stankevich and Nigel Hough

Eagle 6
ExeWing ExeWing ExeWing


The ExeWing Fundraiser's display included, upper left: Jonathan Wrigley and his Daleks, above: Andy Spencer and Janet-Elizabeth Black, who bought a number of full-size sculpted heads. Upper right: just a few of ExeWing extensive prop collection
Left: regular visitor Richard Bailey chats with Karyn Spencer and Janet-Elizabeth
Right: Jonathan Willis' Dalek tries to attack the Tardis - Tardis courtesy of Jonathan Willis


Left-right: Star of 'Blake's 7, Blake himself Gareth Thomas, sadly died a few months before the show, so members of the Horizon Blake's 7 fan club members had a memorial photograph taken - l-r - Alan, Pete, Linda, Alex, Fiona, Sue Little (in Avon T-shirt), Andy Spencer,(with Gareth's photo) and Phil Stevens. 



Left-right: space educator Jerry Stone did his usual 'build and launch a rocket',

Below left: James Burgess sculpts a Davros head. Next to him Helena Enright-King

Below: Mamas Pitsillis explains the finer points of a radio-controlled Stingray.

Below right: Jonathan Sellers had some stuff to, appropriately, sell

Above left: Mooncrest's Gary Hilliard (left) chats with Jason Joiner of Showmasters, Above: some Mooncrest creations.

Above right: Tony and Caroline James of Timeless Hobbies, still maybe known to many as Comet Miniatures.

Left-right: Simon Friend of SF Laser Services

Lower left: the SciFi SIG Kathy Dowler and Anthony Hughes, below: Peter and Josh Hutton and below right: Dominic Jadoul of RetrokiT

Ric Parker Whyat If SIG

Above left : Iain McDonald and his voice changers - and a Reliant Regal 3/30 Supervan, transport of a certain resident of Peckham...
(And no it's not a "Robin Reliant" - that should be 'Reliant Robin' anyway - but it's not one of those...)

Above centre: Ric Parker bought along a selection of original Doctor Who props and costumes

Above right: Martin Higgs and his 'What If?' SIG

Left - right:
Outside a pink cyberman (cyberlady?) seems to have arrived courtesy of the Tardis?

Meanwhile a Weeping Angel was creeping up on unsuspecting visitors

Meanwhile your organisers were busy - left-right: Paul Fitzmaurice of Modelling Tools / little cars and below: Mat Irvine, left: with Orac and the Liberator, centre: K-9 with Steve Fletcher, Jeremy Templeton and Paul Holroyd, and seated Mat's daughter Amy

Right: his display of factual space-probes as featured on Stargazing Live

And this year's oddest occurrence?

Well Darrell Simmonds was spotted giving an Ewok a lift

but even odder....

... but we suppose even a Cyberman needs a hobby?


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