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was held on Star Date : Sunday : 07-07-2019

It was 50 years since the momentous landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon - so that was our main celebration - but of course there was be a lot more...

We had the auction in memory of Richard Bailey, that raised over £3000

We welcomed Special Guests, Jerry Stone and Mike Tucker

And we had two Awards this year


Here Mat Irvine runs the auction, Steve Fletcher (centre), showed the goods (that covered his face), and Amy Irvine (right) dealt with the money

HaMeX EVENTS was donated Richard's props and models by his family

All proceeds of the auction are going to
Prostate Cancer UK and Animals in Need
that looked after Richard's dogs when he was in hospital


You can see what was in the auction in the brochure
This now has the winning amounts listed

click for a pdf download

Jerry Stone





Jerry Stone


Mike Tucker
AWARDS There were TWO awards at smallspace 8

BiSS Trophy

our standard "Best in Solar System" for the best individual model or display (left)
PLUS a special "First Step"award, for any Apollo-related model.
First Step trophy
BiSS Winner

Winner of
was Gary R Welsh for his Star Wars scratchbuild

Presented by Mike Tucker

Gary R Welsh
First Step winner

Winner of
for the best Apollo-related model was Phil Mills for his whole Apollo display

Presented by Jerry Stone

Phil Mills
Way In

left : The Mail Rocket announced the way in

right : Stephen Billings with not one but two Godzillas


left : Photo op with an astronaut or a Dalek - or both


right : Dalek wrangler, Rob Crowley

left : Gary R. Welsh find something funny - must something Cathy and Paul Holroyd said?


right : Hall 2 was full as usual

left : Tony James' Timeless Hobbies stand was busy, except Tony is missing from this picture? Instead Steve Roberts is helping out

right : Simon & Linda Friend

below left : Martyn Lawrence and his film posters

above centre and right : Alistair Lovie and his '3D' portraits

left : David Sisson (right), Simon Rhodes in the background

right : Gilbets Creations, with James and Tammi Gilbert


left : the SciFi SIG, including (l-r) Kathy Dowler, Anthony Hughes, Jonathan Davies and Stuart McCarthy


right : Ian Chrichton (left) talks with Gary R. Welsh. Ian's display is in the foreground


left : Gary R. Welsh, framed by one of Ian Chrichton's creations - the Martian War Machine

right : Robin Burgess looks at Mooncrest Models' stand



left ; Janet Elizabeth Black and her 1:3 scale figures

right : Roy Palmer with models from Saturn V to Nautilus

left ; featured in Hall 2 - Janet-Elizabeth Black; Richard and Cris Simmons and Roy Palmer


right : Cris Simmonds trying to hide as Lord Vader, but he's forgotten to put his helmet on...

left : Martin Higgs of the "What If...?" SIG


right : West Middlesex Scale Model Club, with Chris King, left and Pete Hutton, right


left : Andy Spencer taking a Clanger hostage (??)


right : Phil Stephens, Andy Spencer and Karyn Shields - and er, a Clanger. There are more Clangers in the case!

left : The New City Scale Model Club


right : Iain McDonald

left : Chris Harding


right : Andrew Rawlinson

left : Phil Mills


right : Studio 2 Models, with Mamas Pitsillis, (right centre) and Linda Ianson, (left)

left : The smiling faces of The Vogons...


right Stu Carrier (far left) and John Gozzard (far right) of Film Fangs


left : Clive Aldenhoven of Antares Concepts, with Zahara in the background


right : Mike Tucker (right) talks with James Burgess and Helena Enright-King.
Chris Harding in the background



left : Alireza Nohekhan (centre)
with his full-size
Star Wars STAP

right : Some of Ali's amazing creations - all made out of scrap

left : The K-9 Cafe moved outside for this smallspace


right : With tables set up in the side car park

Incidentally the lady in the centre is from California, visiting relatives, and is 100!

Your Organisers

left : Jackie and Paul Fitzmaurice on Paul's Modelling Tools stand


right : Paul meets up with the original 'third member' of the HaMex Team, David Jefferis

left : Meanwhile Mat's daughter, Amy keeps tabs on the auction sales, with the help of her nephew, Evan.


right : We are celebrating Apollo 11 after all, so Mat digs out as many Apollo models he could find

left : Then spent time posing with an Apollo astronauts and a Clanger


right : Though returned to the large scale Lunar Module - this is the same model as used by Buzz Aldrin during Stargazing Live!